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Reach people on the move
Travel is mainly about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Yet it also involves a fair amount of time sitting still – in planes, lounges and behind computers. This is when travelers are often looking for diversion and are highly receptive to advertising messages. We offer advertisers the opportunity to reach people on the move with their messages – before, during and after the trip – on ground, on board and digital solutions.

SAS has assembled a range of attractive travel-related advertising media and promotional opportunities for this purpose. You are welcome to contact DG Media to discuss how Ambient Media can be integrated into your marketing effort and contribute towards getting your message across to the right target groups – when and where it counts.

Facts and figures about SAS
• In November 2016 – October 2017 approximately 30 million passengers traveled with SAS, around 2.5 million per month
• SAS flies to more than 123 different destinations
• SAS had an average of more than 817 departures/day during November 2016 – October 2017

Number of passengers
Total: 29.2 million
Norway: 11.100.000
Sweden: 9.500.000
Denmark: 8.500.000
Rest of the world: 1.700.000

Source: SAS Statistics

The SAS passenger

The Scandinavian 5+Travellers are modern and well-educated
people in all ages who travel a lot.

Male: 60%
Female: 40%

Can be found in all age groups – high affinity in 30-55

• Travelling/discovering new places & cultures
• Food & beverage
• Tech & innovation
• Digital services
• Private economy
• Art, design & culture
• Photography

Primarily in larger cities and suburbs

Higher income and education than average

Pays for quality

Life values

Source: Nepa 2013




SAS 16 long-range aircraft Airbus 340/330 is an ideal showcase/window/display area for your advertisement. The system allows “gate-to-gate” entertainment and your advertisement can be displayed already on ground after mandatory safety videos have been shown.

Destinations served – and reach per month
• From Copenhagen: New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Miami, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. Reach: 93,000 passengers.
• From Stockholm: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Reach: 46,000 passengers.
• From Oslo: New York and Miami. Reach: 21,000 passengers.
A total reach of 160,000 passengers per month.

30 sec. SpotTwo times per flight4 weeksSEK 141 336
60 sec. SpotTwo times per flight4 weeksSEK 227 864
Order deadlineMaterial deadlineCampaign Start
21. November '1828. November '181. January
20. December '1827. December '181. February
16. January23. January1. March
13. February20. February1. Apil
13. March20. March1. May
17. April24. April1. June
15. May22. May1. July
12. June19. June1. August
17. July24. July1. September
14. August21. August1. October
18. September25. September1. November
16. October23. October1. December

For information, please contact our sales support + 46 72 506 86 20 or

Agency commission

For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

2 months advertising
10% discount

4 months advertising
15% discount


With SAS Seat Pocket Placement, you get the opportunity to expose your brand or product to SAS passengers in an engaging context. Working as an add-on to other Ambient Media offers, the seat pocket is an excellent place for a product catalog or a topic that requires more in-depth information.

The seat pocket is just half a meter in front of the passengers. They are comfortably seated and in a pleasant state of mind.

OpportunityFrequencyNo. of passengersNo. of unitsLanguageRate
Norway*Monthly820 00042 000Free of choiceSEK 343 200
Sweden*Monthly600 00036 000Free of choiceSEK 249 600
Denmark*Monthly630 00032 000Free of choiceSEK 260 000
IntercontinentalMonthly120 00018 000Free of choiceSEK 52 000

*Note that due to changes in aircrafts routes the geographical selection cannot be guaranteed.
Opportunity means domestic flight and flight from origin to rest of Europe.

OpportunityFrequencySeatpocketsNo. of unitsLanguageRate
Norway*1 round8 00010 000Free of choiceSEK 90 376
Sweden*1 round6 0008 000Free of choiceSEK 74 360
Denmark*1 round5 0007 000Free of choiceSEK 62 920
Intercontinental1 round1 5002 000Free of choiceSEK 26 312

*Note that due to changes in aircrafts routes the geographical selection cannot be guaranteed.
Opportunity means domestic flight and flight from origin to rest of Europe.

Order deadlineMaterial deadlineDistribution Start
12. December '1819. December '181. January
12. January19. January1. February
9. February16. February1. March
10. March17. March1. Apil
11. April18. April1. May
11. May18. May1. June
9. June16. June1. July
23. June30. June1. August
11. August18. August1. September
8. September15. September1. October
12. October19. October1. November
27. October17. November1. December

Max size A4 and max weight 130 gr.
For further information please contact our sales support +46 72 506 86 20 or




One of SAS most attractive products are the lounges – greatly appreciated by both customers and partners. For this reason, SAS has renovated and upgraded the main part of the lounges during 2017. Nearly 4 million people visit our 13 lounges every year.

SAS lounges are present at 8 airports (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Paris, Chicago and New York). We strife to offer a Scandinavian feeling, with focus on service, design, innovation and food & beverages.

We offer you the possibility of displaying your brand or product in this attractive atmosphere. You access one of Scandinavia’s most attractive customer segment in a space that they have chosen to spend their valuable time in.

Traditionally our partners have had good results with both product placement or manned events, but we are also open for new ideas of your choice. A new concept called Next Generation Lounge has also been launched by SAS during 2017. This is a concept that dares to try out new innovation and offerings, all based on customer insights of what our customers would like a lounge to offer. This includes a barista, an Innovation space, a Gym and several other new features. This lounge is especially suitable for partners that want to display new features or innovations, since the atmosphere invites customers to try new things. The Next Generation concept has been widely appreciated – resulting in SAS looking to upgrade other lounges with parts of the concept.

Placements in SAS Lounges

OpportunitiesNo. of loungesNo. of visitors/monthFrequencyRate
Stockholm International257 000MonthlySEK 118 456
Stockholm Domestic120 000MonthlySEK 43 576
Gothenburg International111 500MonthlySEK 24 856
Copenhagen289 000MonthlySEK 194 168
Oslo International242 000MonthlySEK 20 384
Helsinki19 500MonthlySEK 99 528
Oslo Domestic (Next Generation)144 000MonthlySEK 95 888
Order deadlineMaterial deadlineDistribution Start
12. December '1819. December '181. January
11. January18. January1. February
8. February15. February1. March
8. March15. March1. Apil
11. April18. April1. May
10. May17. May1. June
7. June14. June1. July
22. July30. July1. August
9. August16. August1. September
6. September13. September1. October
11. October18. October1. November
6. November15. November1. December

Events in SAS Lounges

Opportunities No. of visitors/2 weeksFrequencyRate
Stockholm InternationalGold14 600Every 2 weeksSEK 66 768
Stockholm Domestic-8 700Every 2 weeksSEK 39 832
Gothenburg International-5 400Every 2 weeksSEK 24 752
CopenhagenGold24 200Every 2 weeksSEK 110 760
OsloGold9 500Every 2 weeksSEK 43 472
Oslo Domestic (Next Generation)-22 000Every 2 weeksSEK 100 672

Booking deadline 20 working days prior to event start. If staff must be present, booking deadline is 13 weeks prior to event start, due to security reasons.

Technical data
For further information please contact our sales support + 46 72 506 86 10 or

5% discount offered to customers purchasing for at least SEK 300,000 a year. 10% discount offered to customers purchasing for at least SEK 500,000 a year.