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DGI is Denmark’s major sports organization with more than 1.5 million members. Together with the associations, DGI gets the Danes into nature and into the field. Children and seniors, beginners and routines.

DGI believes that you become stronger and more motivated to practice sports in a community and offer activities that span many different sports. From street soccer to swimming, from handball to fitness and running.

DGI is a nonprofit organization that has been working closely with associations for more than 150 years to make Danes more active.
Today DGI counts more than 6,300 associations and 100,000 volunteer enthusiasts. As one of the country’s largest suppliers of courses, DGI makes more than 50,000 Danes more intelligent on both themselves and sports.

DGI helps associations make a difference … For society – For sports – For you.

The magazine Udspil
– is the magazine with lots of inspiration, tips and good examples, for trainers, instructors and association leaders in DGI’s 6,300 member associations.

The magazine Udspil is published 6 times a year and is distributed by post to chairmen, board members, coaches and instructors in DGI’s member associations. In addition, it is sent to sports halls, libraries, politicians and other stakeholders. Spells are also sent to Culture politicians in state, regions and municipalities, high schools and after schools.

Additionally, games can also be read online.

In Spreadsheets, you can read articles about:
• New trends in sports
• Body and health
• Courses and events
• Association development

Games are according to reading analysis, the most important magazine in sports, sports and exercise. Utspil is a well-known, recognized and well-liked magazine and lies Top of Mind with the majority of readers.

With announcement in the Spreadsheet magazine, you get direct contact with a target audience interested in sports, community development, training and health.


Ad Price (DKK) Format Bleed
1/2 page (tall) 12.850 ,- W: 88 x H: 233 mm
1/2 page (wide) 12.850 ,- W: 180 x H: 116 mm
1/1 page 19.350 ,- W: 215 x H: 280 mm + 6 mm
Double spread page 30.950 ,- W: 430 x H: 280 mm + 6 mm
Back cover 24.180,- W: 215 x H: 230 mm + 6 mm

Creative advertising
Avoid postage and ‘no thanks’ for advertisements through creative advertising opportunities that create awareness, high visibility and impact.

• Plugs – either in the foil or inside the magazine
• Paging on your own ad page – eg a cream sample, a postcard and the like.
• Inserting a sample
• In several of the magazines, it is possible to select by country, etc.

Contact DG Media for further information.

Agency commission
For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.

Advertising rules:
Advertisements in DGI’s media must comply with the Marketing Act.
DGI does not accept advertisements for the marketing of tobacco, alcohol, medicines and supplements. DGI follows the Danish Medicines Agency’s definition of medicines and supplements.

DGI’s media does not record ads from political parties. Neither from organizations, companies, individuals or others whose messages contravene DGI’s values and foundations.

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Health: 68%

Health / food: 43%

Things for children: 14%

Grows sports / exercise min. weekly: 76%


Capital: 18%

Zealand: 17%

Southern Denmark: 31%

Middle of Jutland: 20%

Northern Jutland: 14%


12-19 years: 13%

20-29 years: 10%

30-39 years: 11%

40-49 years: 23%

50-59 years: 20%

60-69 years: 14%

70 years +: 9%


Male: 43%

Female: 57%

Readers: 48.000

Circulation: 37.000

Edition: 6 times a year

Source: Gallup / Index DK 1. half of 2017

Distribution: Speeches are distributed by post to chairmen, board members, coaches and instructors of DGI’s member associations. In addition, it is sent to sports halls, libraries, politicians and other stakeholders.

Publisher: DGI

Vingsted Skovvej 1,
7182 Bredsten

Telephone: (+45) 79 40 40 40