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Never has there been so much focus on beauty. We women will still be beautiful outside and healthy inside. It’s about trends and tendencies; about fashion and wonderful beauty products. About healthy diet, psychology, massage, facials, therapy, surgery and spas. We go all the way in the name of beauty and women’s life to give our readers what makes everyday a little more beautiful.

SKØN writes about all the latest in beauty, fashion, health and well-being – told with the heart, mind and insight into modern women’s life. In SKØN you will find inspirational articles about beauty, body, well-being and health. We bring lots of concrete tips, tips and step-by-step hair styling and makeup, show you the latest fashion and bring content-rich articles about women’s life and psychology.

• An exclusive visual expression
• Great mode series
• Exciting portraits of well-known Danish and international women
• Inspirational interviews
• Useful articles and guides on body, well-being, health, makeup, fashion and beauty


Ad Price (DKK) Format Bleed
1/2 page (wide) 29.300 ,- W: 208 x H: 139 mm + 5 mm
1/2 page (tall) 29.300 ,- W: 104 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm
1/1 page 49.300 ,- W: 208 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm
Double Spread Page 78.300 ,- W: 416 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm
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Graphical attachment up to 48 pages in foil from 0,78 kr. per pcs.
Graphic insertion into the magazine from 0,55 kr. per pcs.
Stitching from 0,50 kr. per pcs.
Sample in foil from 1,00 kr. per pcs.
Sample collection from 0,90 kr. per pcs.
Advertorials + 25% of list price in individual magazine

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Back or page 2-3 and 4-5 are added 25%.

Right or other location is added 20%.

For lean formats, pay for the nearest standard format and add 15%.

Agency commission
For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and security is provided to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, see the list of Creativity & Communication.

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No. Order and material deadline Distribution
1 4. December 2018 10. January
2 15. January 14. Februar
3 12. February 14. March
4 12. March 11. April
5 4. April 9. May
6 8. May 13. June
7 11. June 11. July
8 9. July 8. August
9 13. August 12. September
10 10. September 10. October
11 15. October 14. November
12 5. November 5. December



Residential design / interior design: 58%

Health: 73%

Nutrition – healthy / unhealthy: 71%

Clothing Mode: 56%

Skin Care: 57%

Travel: 59%


Capital: 33%

Zealand: 16%

Southern Denmark: 22%

Middle of Jutland: 21%

Northern Jutland: 8%


12-19 years: 8%

20-29 years: 12%

30-39 years: 9%

40-49 years: 19%

50-59 years: 20%

60-69 years: 16%

70 years +: 16%


Male: 14%

Female: 86%


I make an effort to look after my body and my appearance: 82%

I would like to pay extra for quality products: 82%

Buying environmentally friendly products: 69%

Readers: 184.000

Circulation: 80.000

Editions: 12 times a year – every month

Source: Gallup / Index DK 1st half of 2019

Distribution: SKØN will be released 2nd Thursday of each month and can be collected free of charge in one of Matas 285 stores. SKØN can also be read at mitskø and online at, which has 1.4 million members and 1 million visitors each month. The 80,000 copies are distributed on 38,400 copies west of the Great Belt and 41,600 east of the Great Belt. 1 million Danes visit Matas monthly.



Denmark’s most beautiful beauty site
Mitskø is a digital universe dedicated to beauty and health. At mitskø we write about the latest in beauty and health. We show tutorials and step-by-step guides for hair styling and makeup. We test new products and treatments, and films it for users to get the whole experience with. Mitskø is part of SKØN’s ecosystem, where you also find Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the magazine SKØN.

Mitskø is made in close cooperation with Matas.


Creative adsPrice Period
DigitorialDKK 12.5003 months
Digitorial + 1 x newspaperDKK 18.0003 months
GalleryDKK 12.5001 month
CompetitionDKK 12.50014 days
FacebookDKK 5.000

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