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    Scandinavian Traveler – a travel and lifestyle magazine, both online
    and in print!

    Scandinavian Traveler is much more than just a magazine.
    With 11 issues a year and a daily updated website, you’ll find all the inspiration and information the modern reader requires in varied, inspirational, and accessible content on a range of digital platforms. Both in the magazine and online you will meet high-fliers from all walks of life. They share their stories from life as well as from their personal favorite spots around the world, giving the reader new perspectives and new angles on interesting topics and well-known places.

    Scandinavian Traveler also tells about the latest trends as we scour the globe for entertaining and inspirational stories from the worlds of fashion, politics, business and sports.

    Scandinavian Traveler is also available online at What’s more, here you will find a wealth of extra content – videos, additional destination guides and maps to the stores and restaurants you’ve read about in the magazine. Scandinavian Traveler is your constant travel companion – before, during, and after your journey.

    PRICES 2020

    AdvertisingPrice (SEK)FormatBleed     
    1/1 page174.100,- (238.700,-*)W: 190 x H: 260 mm+ 5 mm
    Facing matter151.100,- (208.500,-*)W: 190 x H: 128 mm+ 5 mm
    Double-page spread320.000,- (439.100,-)*W: 93 x H: 260 mm+ 5 mm
    Back cover234.000,- (306.800,-*)W: 380 x H: 260 mm+ 5 mm

    *ratecard prices for the Dec/Jan double issue.

    Advertising - unspecifiedPrice (SEK)FormatBleed     
    1/1 page135,000,- (201,700*)W: 190 x H: 260 mm+ 5 mm
    1/2 page (wide)75,800,- (107,700*)W: 190 x H: 128 mm+ 5 mm
    1/2 page (tall)75,800,- (107,700*)W: 93 x H: 260 mm+ 5 mm
    Double-page spread261,000,- (365,800*)W: 380 x H: 260 mm+ 5 mm

    *ratecard prices for the Dec/Jan double issue.

    As an advertiser in Scandinavian Traveler, you have the exclusive
    possibility to place an advertisement in the form of editorial content.
    Advertorials are available as full pages as well as doublepage
    spreads. The number of advertorials is limited in each
    issue of the magazine. Please contact us for a specific offer.

    Reader’s Guide – 1/4-page
    Size – W: 83,5 x H: 113,5 mm
    Image – W: 83,5 x H: 64 mm
    Headline – Max 38 characters (incl. spaces)
    Text – Max. 565 characters (incl. spaces)

    EUR 3.400,-
    SEK 32.000,-
    DKK 28.600,-

    + 5mm bleed for all ads.

    Colour is included in all rates above.

    Other specified position
    + 10%

    Please contact us for a specific offer

    Frequency discounts
    2 advertisements 5%
    4 advertisements 7,5%
    6 advertisements 10%
    10 advertisements 15%

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    An agency commission (to recognized agencies) of 15% of the net billing is granted for display advertising (excluding supplements and insert).

    For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

    Print ready PDF, images 300 dpi resolution and images saved in CMYK.

    All advertisements must be in English.

    The material for print issues must be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or on FTP-server.


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    426. February 20203. March 20201. April 2020
    520. March 202027. March 20201. May 2020
    622. April 202029. April 20201. June 2020
    722. May 202029. May 20201. July 2020
    812. June 202018. June 20201. August 2020
    920. July 202031. July 20201. September 2020
    1025. August 20202. September 20201. October 2020
    1124. September 20201. October 20201. November 2020

    Unique readers: 1.392.000

    Issues: 80.000

    Publication: 11 times a year


    SCANDINAVIANTRAVELER.COM was launched in late 2014. Through marketing via additional SAS channels; the synergy with the magazine Scandinavian Traveler; newsletters and other features, the website generates approx. 259,000 page views per month.

    A premium travel web site for those who look for unique tips and map guides an destinations from all around the world, for the modern traveler on the go.

    The site gets 35% of its visits from desktops, 52% from smartphones and 13% from tablets.

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    PRICES 2020

    Online Ad Price (SEK) Format Period
    Leaderboard 396,-* W: 930 x H: 180 px CPM
    Billboard 1 294,-* W: 267 x H: 223 px CPM
    Billboard 2 294,-* W: 267 x H: 223 px CPM

    *min. SEK 5.000

    Please send leaderboard for tablet and mobile with delivering creatives:
    Tablet: 728×90 px
    Mobile: 320×160 px or 320×320 px

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    Material must be sent as GIF (ved animation, max. 10 sec. and/or 3 loops) or JPG in max. 100 KB.

    Please provide the following information with the delivery of creative: Customer and campaign name: ad creative; URL target address, which opens when the ad is clicked; campaign duration and time; name of media; and specification of section/placement of the ad.

    DG Media/Scandinavian Traveler only accepts jpg image banners with the max size of 45 kb.

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    DG Media may consider a 3rd Party Adserver on a case-by-case basis.

    Please sent all material to (max. 20 MB) or ftp-server.

    All ad materials are due no later than 5 business days before the run date to ensure timely deployment. Pricing is based on timely receipt of ad material. Failure to supply material by the established deadline may result in the rescheduling or cancelling of the the ad.

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