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    Mercedes ME is the exclusive customer magazine for Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden. The magazine presents product news, car tests and stories from and about Mercedes-Benz. In addition, great travel descriptions, interviews with Danish personalities and general lifestyle articles are brought. Mercedes ME is presented in an elegant and modern design, where photos and illustrations are very catchy and prominent.

    Mercedes ME is sent by name to all Merced owners, if their Mercedes is younger than 4 years. It is therefore a very exclusive readership, such as is characterized by a very high income, a large consumption of luxury goods and international travels, and is employed in senior positions. In addition, a smaller part of the warehouse is distributed through all Danish Mercedes dealers.

    The Mercedes-Benz magazine is part of an international concept and is likewise published in 10 countries in the world – including Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, England, The Netherlands and France.

    New and attractive distribution channel in 2016
    Mercedes ME will also be distributed via SAS’s aircraft in Denmark and Sweden as of the first issue in 2016, where the magazine will be available to passengers in the plane’s seat numbers. In parallel, storage for the magazine increases to 25,000 copies per release.

    PRICES 2020

    Ad Price (DKK) Format Bleed
    1/1 page 24.300,- W: 215 x H: 270 mm + 5 mm
    Page 2 29.100,- W: 215 x H: 270 mm + 5 mm
    Double spread page 48.500,- W: 430 x H: 270 mm + 5 mm
    Back cover 30.300,- W: 215 x H: 270 mm + 5 mm

    Other prices
    Special placement: + 10%
    Right side: + 10%
    3. cover Page: + 10%

    Agency commission
    For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and security is provided to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, see the list of Creativity & Communication.

    Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

    The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


    No. Order deadline Material deadline Distribution
    1 28.02.20 06.03.20 30.03.20
    2 20.05.20 29.05.20 22.06.20
    3 28.08.20 04.09.20 29.09.20
    4 30.10.20 06.11.20 27.11.20

    Mercedes DK

    Readers: 35.000

    Circulation: 35.000

    Editions: 4 times a year

    Mercedes SE

    Circulation: 59.000 pr. issue

    Editions: 4 times a year

    Distribution: Mercedes ME is distributed via SAS’s aircraft in Sweden, where the magazine will be available to passengers in the aircraft’s seat numbers.

    Publisher: Mercedes-Benz Danmark


    Digevej 114, 4. sal,
    DK-0900 København C