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LIME is the magazine of the modern and curious woman. Each issue is packed with relevant articles that inspire and involve, based on the women’s own lives and their curiosity as to how it can live a little easier, a bit more fun and with more profits and content.

In LIME, readers can enjoy useful articles about relationships, careers, family life, psychology and health every month. We bring inspiring home reporters, delicious food recipes for the whole family, fashion, culture and not least interviews with and portraits of famous personalities who have made a difference or marked themselves differently. Because life must be lived with meaning, profit – and a smile on the lip.

LIME’s editorial target group is women between 25-49 years. LIME makes contentious and inspiring for the busy, modern women by giving them good advice, tips and tools to make life a little easier, a bit more fun and with more profits.


Ad Price (DKK) Format Bleed
1/2 page (wide) 26.200 ,- W: 208 x H: 139 mm + 5 mm
1/2 page (tall) 26.200 ,- W: 104 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm
1/1 page 45.200 ,- W: 208 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm
Double spread page 72.200 ,- W: 416 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm
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Attachment (up to 48 pages) in foil from 0,75 kr. per pcs.
Sample in foil from 1,00 kr. per pcs.
Adhesion placed on page 2 or inside of the back from 0,70 kr. per pcs.
Insert in magazine from 0,50 kr. per pcs.
Stitching from 0,50 kr. per pcs.
Advertorials + 25% of list price in individual magazine
Native product ad 3500 Short text, image in min. 300 dpi, suggested retail price and contact info

Special Placement
Back or page 2-3 and 4-5 are added 25%.
Right or other location is added 20%.
For lean formats, pay for the nearest standard format and add 15%.

Sales Discounts
When entering into an annual contract, there is an opportunity to obtain sales discounts and other benefits, contact sales for further information.

New Biz discount
30% off a maximum of 2 impressions within 2 consecutive releases if the advertiser has not used that magazine within the last 15 months.

Multi Pages
3 or 4 consecutive pages in the same magazine give a 50% discount on the ads’ normal health page price.

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2.5%. The condition for pre-book discount is that an annual contract has been concluded. We will receive an order no later than Friday at. 16.00 – 3 weeks before the deadline.

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Written no later than 30 days before deadline.

Agency commission
For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communiqué’s list.

General terms
Sales discounts and pre-book discounts can be combined with other discounts – the remaining discounts can not be combined with each other.

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No. Order and material deadline Release
1 30. November 2018 3. January
2 8. January 7. February
3 5. February 7. March
4 5. March 4. April
5 28. March 2. May
6 1. May 6. June
7 3. June 4. July
8 2. July 1. August
9 6. August 5. September
10 3. September 3. October
11 8. October 7. November
12 6. November 5. December



Health: 72%

Residential design / interior design: 53%

Port: 53%

Buying environmentally friendly products: 72%

Cooking: 65%

Travel: 60%


Capital: 39%

Zealand: 21%

Southern Denmark: 17%

Middle of Denmark : 17%

Northern Jutland: 6%


12-19 years: 2%

20-29 years: 4%

30-39 years: 8%

40-49 years: 19%

50-59 years: 23%

60-69 years: 21%

70 years +: 23%


Female: 77%


Primary purchasing in the household: 89%

Reading fiction once a week: 49%

I make an effort to take care of my body and my appearance: 79%

Readers: 230.000

Ciculation: 200.000

Source: Index Danmark 1. half of 2017

Editions: 12 times a year

Distribution: LIME is released 1st Thursday of each month and can be downloaded free of charge in one of Netto’s 462 stores across the country. The 200,000 copies are distributed on 135,000 east of the Great Belt and 65,000 west of the Great Belt.

LIME can also be read on



Loved everyday life is the new expansion of the LIME universe. With and associated newsletters and social channels, we are present wherever the target group is and needs inspiration, information and entertainment.

Worth knowing about
• Close cooperation with Netto
• Together we will help Danes to reinvent everyday life by making Monday-Friday more fun, more delicious, a lot easier and appreciating exactly what characterizes our everyday lives.
• Lots of inspirational videos, everyday use, delicious photos, exciting articles, profits, responsibility and honest talk
• Based on large user involvement and strong commitment
• Fixed, recognizable formats
• Themes: Everyday, when it’s best, the food, the family, the home, sustainability, consumption, health
• Possibility of multiple variants of native solutions with high value for both advertiser and user

With and the magazine LIME, we will rediscover, regain and reinvent everyday life – and we hope you will join.


Creative advertising Price (DKK) Period
Native (delivery of done material) 12.500 ,- 3 months
Gallery 12.500 ,- 1 month
Competition 12.500 ,- 14 days
Facebook 5.000 ,-

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For all types of banner ads, a URL must be provided.

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