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The leaders are an exclusive magazine that inspires Danish leaders and decision makers to get even better at work. The magazine’s readers are strong and influential executives of all levels, and they are employed in both the private and public sectors.

The magazine leaders will inspire, challenge and fascinate their readers who judge the magazine to have a high degree of credibility. A well-known chief executive usually adorns the front page, and news, attitudes and trend stories ensure that readers want to spend time reading the magazine.

The latest reader survey shows that the magazine has many high-frequency readers and that a majority uses at least 30 minutes for each number. At the same time, the reader survey helps to ensure that layout and editorial content are regularly adjusted in dialogue with readers. Emphasis is placed on well-written articles and a strong image page that works with the country’s best photographers. This gives readers a contemporary and well-edited product.

The magazine Leaders is published by the Leaders, which is an interest organization with a vision of being the leader’s preferred organization. The organization is one of the few interest groups that grow in membership.


1/4 page (wide)DKK 18 500W: 179 x H: 58 mm
1/4 page (tall)DKK 18 500W: 41 x H: 235 mm
1/2 page (wide)DKK 24 600W: 179 x H: 116 mm
1/2 page (tall)DKK 24 600W: 86 x H: 235 mm
1/1 page*DKK 36 000W: 210 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm
Page 2*DKK 38 000W: 210 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm
Double page spread*DKK 53 600W: 420 x H: 275 mm+ 3 mm
Back cover*DKK 52 500W: 210 x H: 235 mm+ 3 mm

*to edge

Special Location: + 15%

All prices are incl. colors.

It is possible to send direct mails, brochures, invitations, catalogs, etc. through the magazine. This can be done in the entire magazine’s storage or via a small portion of the magazine’s storage. Please contact DG Media for offers.

For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and security is provided to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, see the list of Creativity & Communication.

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


No. Order and material deadlineDistribution
11. March10. April
26. September9. October

Readers: 111.000

Cirkulation: 107.160

Editions: 2 times a year

Distribution: Membership magazine

Source: Gallup / Index DK half of 2017


LEDERNE.DK is the website of the Lederne interest organization. Here they can 110,000 members get legal advice and sparring in relation to employment conditions and working conditions, as well as read news relevant to managers. The page also contains information about courses and conferences, Leaders’ A-box, management networks, and more. There is the possibility to place banner ads on the front page of the website.

There is the possibility to place banner ads on the front page of the website, which has 100,000 page views averages each month.


Banner advertising material must be delivered as either GIF or JPG and may not exceed 100 KB.

For all types of banner ads, a URL must be provided.

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.

Page views: 100.000

Avg. traffic numbers per month



Ledernes Newsletter

The Magazine Leaders are advertised annually with the Newsletter from the Leaders, which is sent to approximately 94,500 members of the Leaders twice a month. This brings news and relevant information to the managers. New from Leaders has an opening rate of almost 40%, and it makes the newsletter one of Denmark’s most effective online


Banner adPriceFormatPeriod
Text adDKK 17 900Heading (max 30 estimates), text (max 300 estimates) & linkPer send out
Article adDKK 14 900W: 800 x H: 150 pxPer send out
Spot adDKK 8 900W: 560 x H: 370 pxPer send out
Job linkDKK 3 900Headline, deadline and logoPer send out

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No. Order deadlineMaterial deadlineDistribution
18. January10. January15. January
222. January24. January29. January
35. February7. February12. February
419. February21. February26. February
55. March7. March12. March
619. March21. March26. March
72. April4. April9. April
816. April16. April23. April
930. April2. May7. May
1014. May16. May21. May
1128. May28. May4. June
1211. June13. June18. June
136. August8. August13. August
1420. August22. August27. August
153. September5. September10. September
1617. September19. September24. September
171. October3. October8. October
1815. October17. October22. October
1929. October31. October5. November
2012. November14. November19. November
2119. November21. November28. November
2226. November28. November3. December

Ledernes Newsletter

Recipientsca. 94.500

Opening rate: ca. 40%

Distribution: 2 times a month



Virksom is an organization and a-box for self-employed and part of the Leederne family. Here are both start-up entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and single-person companies to find among the members.

In Virksom’s newsletter you have the opportunity to hit approx. 6,000 self-employed and entrepreneurs directly in their inbox. New from Virksom is published every 3 weeks and has an average opening rate of 44.5%.


Banner adPriceFormatPeriod
Article adDKK 2 500W: 800 x H: 150 pxPer send out
Spot adDKK 1 700W: 560 x H: 370 pxPer send out

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No.Material deadlineDistribution
17. January9. January
228. January30. January
318. February20. February
411. March13. March
51. April3. April
622. April24. April
713. May15. May
83. June5. June
924. June26. June
1019. August21. August
119. September11. September
12 31. August2. September
1421. September23. September
1511. November13. November
162. December4. December

Virksom Newsletter

Recipients : ca. 6.000

Distribution: Every third week

Publisher: Lederne

Vermlandsgade 65,
2300 København S

Telephone: (+45) 32 83 32 83