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Kulør is inspired by delicious and inspiring content that adds to everyday life and makes life more vibrant, more exciting – and a little more fun. In Kulør you will always find the positive and useful angle of articles, guides and tips. For Kulør is aimed at women who want the best of their lives, and collects on experiences and ideas that light up in everyday life. And the men can readily read!

Kulør writes about everyday life and everything that is important and important in our lives. In each issue, we bring useful articles about saving time, money and calories. Our readers can look forward to delicious recipes for healthy and delicious food, tips for the home and garden, lots of creative do-it-yourself ideas, articles and exciting interviews with famous women (and men) who have something at heart.

Kulør is published 6 times a year on the first Monday of the month. The magazine is distributed in Spar – 95,000 copies in total distributed on 73,036 copies west of “Storebælt” and 21,470 copies east of “Storebælt”. Kulør can also be read online at


Ad Price (DKK) Format Bleed
1/2 page (wide) 21.200 ,- W: 208 x H: 139 mm + 5 mm bleed
1/2 page (tall) 21.200 ,- W: 104 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm bleed
1/1 page 34.200 ,- W: 208 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm bleed
Double Spread page 55.200 ,- W: 416 x H: 278 mm + 5 mm bleed
Type Price (DKK)
Attachment (up to 48 pages) in foil from 0,75 kr. per. pcs.
Sample in foil from 1,00 kr. per. pcs.
Adhesion placed on page 2 or inside of the back from 0,70 kr. per. pcs.
Inserting into the magazine from 0,50 kr. per. pcs.
Stitching from 0,50 kr. per. k. pcs.
Advertorials + 25% of list price in individual magazine

Frequency discounts
2 insertions 15% discount
3-4 insertions 20% discount
5-6 insertions 25% discount
7-9 insertions 30% discount
10 inserts or more give 40% off.

Special placement
Back or page 2-3 and 4-5 are added 25%. Right or other location is added 20%. For lean formats, pay for the nearest standard format and add 15%.

Sales Discounts
When entering into an annual contract, there is an opportunity to obtain sales discounts and other benefits, contact sales for further information.

New Biz discount
30% off a maximum of 2 impressions within 2 consecutive releases if the advertiser has not used that magazine within the last 15 months.

Multi pages
3 or 4 consecutive pages in the same magazine give a 50% discount on the ads’ normal health page price.

Pre-Book discount
2.5%. The condition for pre-book discount is that an annual contract has been concluded. We will receive an order no later than Friday at. 16.00 – 3 weeks before the deadline.

Cancellation / Change of ads
Written no later than 30 days before deadline.

Agency commission
6% – divided by 3% for finished material, 2% for information and 1% for collateral.
Compensation fee – 3% – divided by 2% for information and 1% for collateral.

General terms
Sales discounts and pre-book discounts can be combined with other discounts – the remaining discounts can not be combined with each other.

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


No. Order and material deadline Distribution
1 28. December 2018 4. February
2 26. February 1. April
3 29. April 3. June
4 1. July 5. August
5 4. September 7. October
6 28. October 2. December



Cooking: 68%

Health: 70%

Health/medical: 48%


Capital: 19%

Zealand: 15%

South of Denmark: 20%

Middle of Jutland: 25%

Northern Jutland: 21%


12-19 år: 3%

20-29 år: 3%

30-39 year: 6%

40-49 year: 15%

50-59 year: 21%

60-69 year: 27%

70 year +: 25%


Male: 24%

Female: 76%


Doing work in my garden. weekly: 65%

Acid / embroiderer / knit / crochet min. weekly: 34%

Preferably avoid goods added art. substances: 73%

Often uses the week / day offer: 89%

Readers: 96.000

Circulation: 95.000

Editions: 6 times a year – first Monday in every other month

Source: Gallup / Index DK 1st half of 2017

Distribution: Free in Spar

Publisher: OTW

Postbox 420,
0900 København C

Telephone: (+45) 72 34 12 00