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Reach all chiropractors – and their patients

KIROPRAKTOREN is the Danish Chiropractor Association magazine, which is published 4 times a year. KIROPRAKTOREN communicates news about the chiropractors’ work and everyday life, professional policy and, not least, new knowledge about health and disease focusing on muscles and joints.

KIROPRAKTOREN is sent to members of the Danish Chiropractor Association, to the waiting rooms, as well as to business partners and policy makers.

By 2015, the magazine was redirected and upgraded. It now has a wider profile with more agenda-setting articles. The magazine has also had a digital life through a larger interaction with the Danish Kiropractor Association’s digital platforms and social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The KIROPRAKTOR’s articles have therefore come to a greater extent.


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Circulation: 2.500

Editions: 4 times a year

Distribution: Kiropraktoren are sent to members of the Danish Chiropractor Association, to the waiting rooms, as well as to collaborators and policy makers.

Publisher: Dansk Kiropraktor Forening

Peter Bangs Vej 30,
2000 Frederiksberg

Telephone: (+45) 33 93 04 00