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Are you looking for a skilled and committed new employee, or do you want to sell a product or service to the state administration? Then the HK Statbladet is the right place to announce to the approximately 31,000 members, of whom little 22,000 are active.

HK Statbladet is the magazine for the broad group of state-owned HKs. The readers are IT staff, laboratory staff and administrative staff in ministries and boards, at the colleges, in the police, the defense, in the courts and higher education institutions. The reading group works as purchasers of products and services such as courses, seminars, conferences, PC equipment, office furniture and much more.

The editorial line in HK Statbladet focuses on what matters to the readers’ working lives. Some of the topics and subject areas that are rewritten are competence development, management, payroll, health at work, work environment and office equipment. The goal is to make the content interesting, relevant and relevant to the readers. The purpose of the magazine is, among other things, to expand readers’ horizons and to stimulate curiosity and debate – about the subject and about being employed in the state.

The topics in the magazine include competence and job development, the mental and physical work environment and the labor market with a focus on both users and employees in the field.

The magazine and the website are edited according to journalistic principles. The focus is primarily on state-owned HKs themselves. The website refers to the job site

Stories from the magazine also pusher the editors to members via, among other things, HK’s personalized newsletter, which is broadcast every 14 days. The newsletter, which is also advertising-based, is segmented for geography and employment.


Text adPrice (DKK)FormatBleed
1/4 page (tall)13.500,-W: 92 x H: 240 mm
1/2 page (tall)15.500,-W: 188 x H: 118 mm
1/2 page (wide)15.500,-W: 215 x H: 270 mm
1/1 page (to edge21.900,-W: 430 x H: 270 mm+4 mm
Double page spread25.000,.W: 215 x H: 270 mm+4 mm
Back cover21.500,-W: 215 x H: 220 mm+4 mm

Special location: + 10%

Indent: Please quote offers

Repeat discount
2 insertions 5% discount
4 insertions 10% discount
6 insertions 20% discount

Corporate discount
5% large customer discount at an annual turnover of at least DKK 75,000.
All discounts are subject to total booking and that the ads are submitted within 12 months.

For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and security is provided to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, see the list of Creativity & Communication.

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


No.Order deadlineMaterial deadlineRelease
127. January 1. February16. February
228. April 4. May 18. May
318. August 23. August 7. September
427. October 2. November 17. November

Cirkulation: 24.000

Editions: 4 times a year

Distribution: Membership magazine



The HK Stat Newsletter is issued to approx. 19,900 recipients each Thursday for uneven weeks, ensuring ongoing news coverage. The newsletter has an opening percentage of approx. 44%.

The newsletter offers the opportunity to insert banner ads and job links, referring to job postings on HK Stat’s job portal,


Material for banner advertising must be delivered as JPG and must be at most 100 KB.

For all types of banner ads, a URL must be provided.

Logo for job link must be in the format B: 100 x H: 60 px and must be delivered as JPG.

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


No.Order and material deadlineDistribution

Receipients: ca. 19.000

Opening rate: ca. 45%

Distribution: every Thursday every other week


HK STATJOB.DK is the job page on the web, where you can target administratives, laboratory staff, IT staff and employees with a wide range of other programs and competencies. At you can therefore search for a wide range of employees for jobs within the government.

Get in touch with all public Denmark is part of; job database network between a number of Denmark’s leading trade unions. Here are recruitment ads from HK Kommunal, Library Associations, Danish Municipalities, Financial Associations, School of Teachers’ Association, JA (Agricultural Academy), Danish Magistersforening, Dansk Psykologforening and Dansk Socialrådgiverforening.

As a large number of professional organizations in the Profiljob network have many members employed in the public sector, it means that with a job advertisement on you will be in contact with all public Denmark.

Get in touch with the right candidates – including those in the job
When you create a job advertisement on, you target the active job seekers targeted, but how do you get in touch with attractive passive job seekers?

As this group is less familiar with new job opportunities via HK State’s job database, you can combine your job advertisement on with a print advertisement in HK Statbladet. HK Statbladet is published 8 times a year for approx. 27,000 copies. On the web, your job advertisement can be viewed before the magazine is published, which gives you a longer exposure to your job posting as a job advertiser.


Job advertising

For job advertisements without print ads, the job posting must be sent as a Word file.

Logo for job advertisement must be submitted as GIF or JPG in format H: 250 x B: 150 px.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising material must be delivered as GIF (for animation, max 10 sec and / or 3 loops) or JPG in max. 100 KB.

For all types of banner ads, a URL must be provided.

All material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


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