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Finance is the federation of finance federations and is a link between the federation and its members. Finance is edited journalistically and is built up of journalistic articles, political comments and information from the Finance Federation.

The contents of this magazine deal with occupational issues, job and career development and news in the financial sector. Finance thus gives readers inspiration for job-related and personal development as well as tools for their working day.

It is a crucial goal that readers should experience Finance as living, current, relevant, readable and useful.

Finance reader is spread over 15% managers / managers, 45% assistants or specialists and 40% bank and office assistants, IT staff and other staff groups. The readers are therefore active participants in the purchase of furniture / fixtures and IT to the financial sector, information on investment and finance, financial subcontractors and security systems.

Finance is published 11 times a year, with a record of 51,162 copies Denmark’s largest magazine in the financial sector. Finance emerges as an elegant and modern designed professional magazine.

Finansforbundet has the website with significant news in the financial sector and the job bank Finansjob, where vacancies in the financial sector are announced. Finance jobs are part of the network.

Finans is a member of Danish Media, and the magazine’s stock is controlled by the Danish Media Warehouse Control. In order to provide solid information about our readers, Finans is also measured in Index Denmark / Gallup.


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Readers: 80.000

Circulation: 50.341

Editions: 6 times a year

Distribution: Member magazine

Source: Gallup / Index DK 1. half 2018



“Medlemsnyt” is a digital newsletter that is published once a month to all members of the Finance Association.

At present, the newsletter is segmented to IT members and managers. From 14/12, there are also segmented for approx. 1000 students.

Medlemsnyt’s overall purpose is to serve relevant content – politically and journalistically – that gives value to members, as well as to showcase the many member benefits of the association. This to help remind members of their membership and maintain them in the membership. The newsletter is a so-called push-media that generates greater activity on our other platforms – website and Facebook.


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Receivers: ca. 32.000

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FINANSJOB.DK is the online marketplace for jobs in the financial sector. Because the Federation of Finance is an industry federation that organizes all categories of staff in banks, savings banks and mortgage companies, it is a wide range of jobs:

Bank employees
IT staff
canteen Staff
Officers and security staff corresponds to Finans, Finansforbundets Magasin, and all job advertisements in Finance are therefore also included as job vacancies at

The collaboration also ensures that your job postings are simultaneously included in the common job database at


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