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The DTU newspaper is published by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) seven times a year and is addressed to staff and students at DTU.

The purpose of the DTU newspaper is to promote:
• Employees and students’ knowledge and identification with DTU as a workplace and study location
• The community among DTU employees and students
• An open and respectful exchange of views, information and knowledge
• Security by communicating and sharing knowledge in a large forum

DTU is a technical elite university with international reach and high standards. The university’s main activities are rooted in 23 institutes and other university units.

DTU’s teaching takes place primarily at DTU Lyngby Campus and DTU Ballerup Campus. In addition, the university has the DTU Risø Campus at Roskilde, as well as a number of other locations in Zealand and in Jutland.

DTU has approx. 800 employees, more than half are researchers, including approx. 1,000 PhD students. In addition, more than 10,300 bachelor, graduate and diploma engineer students. DTU has approx. 1,000 international students and as many international employees. In addition, a multi-disciplinary training program is offered.

With an ad in the DTU newspaper, targeted and efficiently, more than 10,000 engineering students are coming up, who are future employees in companies in Denmark’s future growth areas.


Annonce Pris Format Beskæring
1/2 side (bred) 10.000 ,- B: 228 x H: 157 mm
1/2 side (høj) 10.000 ,- B: 108 x H: 314 mm
1/1 side 16.000 ,- B: 250 x H: 355 mm + 5 mm til beskæring
Side 5 18.000 ,- B: 250 x H: 355 mm + 5 mm til beskæring

Special Location: + 10%

Agency commission
For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


No. Order deadline Material deadline Distribution
1 4. December 17. December 14. January
2 5. February 18. February 4.March
3 22. March 4. April 23. April
4 8. May 22. May 11. June
5 30. July 12. August 26. August
6 17. September 30. September 14. October
7 5. November 18. November 2. December
1 2. December 13. December 13. January 2020

Circulation: 7.500

Editions: 7 times a year

Distribution: The DTU newspaper is handed out by stand and dues team at DTU Lyngby, DTU Ballerup, DTU Risø and to other subscribers.

Publisher: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)
Anker Engelundsvej 1,
2800 Lyngby

Telephone: (+45) 45 25 78 78