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Part of something bigger

DBU Copenhagen is a local union under the DBU (Dansk Bold Union), and acts as an organization of interest for 150 football clubs in the capital. We are a part of something bigger and our member clubs represent more than 40,000 active football players and 10,000 volunteers who conduct more than 30,000 football matches each year during DBU Copenhagen. Outside the track we focus on the role of football in society. We work with football in vulnerable areas through our street football, coach training, judge training, networking for club members, club development and a host of other events and projects.

The football magazine Copenhagen is the DBU Copenhagen Members magazine, which is aimed at executives, volunteers and stakeholders in the Copenhagen football environment – including municipalities, libraries, physicians and physiotherapists, club houses and collaborators.

The football magazine Copenhagen works strategically with content that gives value to our clubs and can inspire the Copenhagen football leaders. These are all “good stories” that speak in community, volunteers and volunteers, which are key words in the effort to strengthen efforts on the world’s healthiest sport.

Facts about DBU Copenhagen (2017)

  • 150 member clubs
  • 41,375 football players
  • 13,910 children aged 0-12 years
  • Ca. 10,000 volunteers
  • Over 30,000 football matches
  • Over 700 local children’s events
  • 80 courses for coaches, judges and managers
  • Beach Soccer event and futsal tournaments
  • Street football in 10 exposed neighbourhoods
  • Football Fitness and exercise football for patient groups
  • Asyl Cup and Get2 Football Schools


1/2 page (wide)DKK 7 100W: 230 x H: 165 mm
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Back coverDKK 15 200W: 230 x H: 266 mm+ 3 mm

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football Travel
Sports Stay
Hotel and conference facilities
Healthy diet
Football equipment (goals, tops, vests, etc.)
football Tournaments
football Literature
Management Training
Graphics and print
Medals and souvenirs
Exercise clothing, shoes and equipment


Male: 80%
Female: 20%
Age group: 30-60 år




Middle / High Income and Middle / High Education




Circulation: 3.500


Readers: 1.500
Page views: 1.985.312
(on in 2017)

Newsletter subscribers: 1.400
LinkedIn: 1.300 followers



The DBU Copenhagen newsletter will be published every Friday with relevant information for our member clubs and people interested in the football field and the 42,000 football players in the DBU Copenhagen area. The newsletter contains information articles, news, reports and competition aimed at club administrators, board members and volunteers.


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In addition to print advertising in the Football magazine, there is also the opportunity to get a message on digital info stand in Valby Idrætspark, which is Scandinavia’s largest venue. And at Sundby Idrætspark and Kløvermarken Idrætsanlegg.

The number of visitors in Valby is 5000-7000 people a day or approx. 2 million visitors a year.

The number of visitors to the clover field is about 1 million a year.
Marketing on the stands is sold in all 3 venues alone or in conjunction with print advertising.


Digital info standDKK 2 900Show 1 month
Digital info standDKK 4 900Show 2 month
Digital info standDKK 7 900Show 3 month

For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

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2100 København Ø

Telephone: (+45)43 26 22 22