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The Danish Veterinary Journal Newsletter is a newsletter for members of the Danish Veterinary Journal, which is sent 11 times each year to the entire membership.

There are 3 options for placements: Top, middle and bottom.


BannerPrice (DKK)FormatPeriod
Top banner7.900,-W: 560 x H 105 pxPer send out
Middle banner6.900,-W: 560 x H 105 pxPer send out
Bottom banner6.900,-W: 560 x H 105 pxPer send out


NoMaterial deadlineDistribution
126. january1. february
223. february1. march
323. march29. march
427. april3. may
525. may31. may
622. june28. june
724. august30. august
828. september4. october
926. october1. november
1023. novembere29. november
1014. december20. december


Recipients: +4000
Broadcast: 11 times each year to the entire membership



The Danish Veterinary Journal is a member magazine for the Danish Veterinary Association. With an organization rate of well over 90%, the magazine reaches almost all veterinarians in Denmark. The approximately 4,000 members count practising veterinarians, publicly employed veterinarians, veterinarians employed in the private sector, students and retirees.

Editorially, the Danish Veterinary Journal focuses on all subjects that influence the economic, professional and professional interests of the individual veterinarian. There are, among other things, articles focusing on working life, career, professional policy and not least new professional knowledge (including peer review) within the various subject areas of the veterinarians. This means family animals, production animals, food safety, meat control, research, education, veterinary administration and life science.

The Danish Veterinary Journal also provides job advertisements and further education.

Danish Veterinary Journal readers are faithful. A reader survey shows that 73% of the members read 6 out of 6 numbers and 84% are “Agree” and “Highly agree” that the articles in the Danish Veterinary Journal are credible. 92% read the ads in the magazine, and almost half are regularly finding new products.

The Danish Veterinary Journal is a member of Danish Media, and the publishing is controlled by the Danish Media Edition Control.


AdPrice (DKK)FormatBleed
1/1 page13.300,-W: 210 x H: 297 mm+ 3 mm
1/2 page (wide)7.900,-W: 176 x H: 122 mm
1/2 page (tall)7.900,-W: 86 x H: 247 mm
1/4 page (tall)4.700,-W: 86 x H: 122 mm
Duty text3.200,-W: 70 x H: 297 mm+ 3 mm
Back cover incl. supplement for special placement15.500,-W: 150 x H: 297 mm+ 3 mm
Page 3 or 4 incl. supplement for special placement14.400,-W: 210 x H: 297 mm
Double page (2 x 1/1 pages)21.900,-2 x 1/1 page
Creative solutions Price (DKK)
Attachement (up to 24 pages in foil) From 3.50 kr. pcs.
Sample in foil From 4.00 kr. per pcs.
Adhesion placed on page 2 or center of the magazine From 4.75 kr. per pcs.*

* The price of adhesion is not included. full page.

In case of partial storage, a fee of DKK 1,500 is charged.

Agency commission
For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

Special placement
Page 2: DKK 1.000
Page 4: DKK 1.000
Back cover: DKK 2.000

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.


NrOrder deadlineMaterial deadlineRelease date
16. january8. january27. january
21. february5. february24. february
31. march5. march24. march
46. april9. april28. april
53. may7. may27. may
631. may4. june23. june
72. august6. august26. august
86. september10. september29. september
911. october15. october3. november
101. november5. november24. november
1122. november26. november15. december

Circulation: 4.083

Source: Danske Mediers Oplagskontrol 1st half of  2018-2019

Editions: 11 times a year

Distribution: Danish Veterinary Journal (DVT) is a member magazine for the Danish Veterinary Association. It is the only magazine that reaches all Danish veterinarians.




Banners must be delivered in the following 3 formats:

Small W: 320 px x H 50 px.
Medium W: 762 px x H 148 px.
Large W: 960 px x H 180 px.

Price for top banner DKK 6.900,- (for one month)

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