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Dansk Erhverv is a business organization and employers’ association that represents a wide range of Danish companies and industries.

It is the Danish Business’s vision to be the most important political representative and preferred adviser for business, and the mission is to create competitive power for the approx. 17,000 members more than 100 industry organizations in a globalized economy. Dansk Erhverv provides advice to its members, helps solve the company’s challenges, and carries out the political interests of companies to the relevant authorities.

The magazine Dansk Erhvervs’ primary target group is CEOs, Group Managers, Business Owners and Selected Leaders, as well as politicians, opinion makers and media.


1/1-pageDKK 24 995W: 220 x H: 275 mm+ 5 mm
Page 2DKK 31 995W: 220 x H: 275 mm+ 5 mm
Page 11DKK 25 995W: 220 x H: 275 mm+ 5 mm
Double Spread PageDKK 39 995W: 440 x H: 275 mm+ 5 mm
Inside backcoverDKK 27 995W: 220 x H: 275 mm+ 5 mm
BackcoverDKK 35 995W: 220 x H: 275 mm+ 5 mm

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Circulation 11.000

Edition: 4 times a year

Distribution: Directors, Group Managers, Business Owners and Featured Managers

Publisher: Dansk Erhverv

1217 København K

Telephone: (+45) 33 74 60 00