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DI is Denmark’s largest business and employers organization and represents approx. 10,000 companies with one million employees – of which approx. half in Denmark.

The companies in DI represent a significant part of Danish business life and have a very attractive readership with a great influence on decisions that concern Danish business.

DI Business’s primary target group is CEOs, Group Managers and Selected Managers in our member companies as well as politicians, opinion makers and the media.

DI Business is published on several platforms: gives quick overview of daily news from Danish business
• The DI Business newsletter is published daily at. 11.30 with today’s best stories from DI
• DI Business is published as a magazine 11 times a year with topics, trends and perspectives that affect companies across industries and communities.

DI Business covers all fabric areas that concern DI’s member companies. Among other things. business policy, tax policy, education, research, trade, environment, working environment, climate, leadership, staffing, infrastructure, public sector development, recruitment and retention of foreign labor, international relations and much more.

We are close to companies – locally and globally.


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Politics: 68%

Socioeconomics: 67%

The job market: 23%

Tax ratio: 69%

EU ratio: 51%

Travel: 58%


Capital: 41%

Zealand: 9%

South of Denmark: 25%

Middle of Jutland: 16%

North of Jutland: 9%


Male: 69%

Female: 31%

Readers: 31.000

Cirkulation: 11.497

Editions: 11 times a year

Source: Gallup / Index DK 1. half of 2017

Distribution: DI Business is distributed to Group Managers, Managing Directors and Selected Managers in DI’s 10,000 member companies. In addition, DI Business is distributed to interest groups, ministries and municipalities.

Publisher: Dansk Industri

H. C. Andersens Boulevard 18,
1787 København V

Telephone: (+45) 33 77 33 77