diamantenCulture magazine Diamanten is published four times a year and is published by Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark’s National Library and Copenhagen University Library.

Diamanten exclusivity comes from the great knowledge that the Royal Library and the employees for centuries have collected. The Royal Library’s Cultural Department is to communicate this knowledge bank, inter alia, presenting out-posts, lectures, debates and concerts, which, based on the collections disseminate culture in all its forms. The meeting between the culture and its audience of-reflected on the magazine’s pages. Kulturmagasinet Diamanten is like the library’s cultural offer modern and with an edge.

Culture magazine Diamanten caters for the culturally interested reader who demand new knowledge, debate and information. The target group is the Royal Library’s culture users, which include composed of members of Diamond Club, which the magazine sent free of charge, as well as the large group of future decision-makers, which includes students and lecturers from the University of Copenhagen and other educational institutions in the Copenhagen area that can take the magazine for free. Another attractive target market is the corporate guests who rent space in the Black Diamond and related receiving culture magazine free.

Diamanten sent to selected in the cafe and hotel environment. Diamanten iis accompanied by a cultural calendar, printed in 16.000 copies and distributed free of charge to a large number of cafes and cultural institutions.

Price & Format 2017

1/2 side (horizontal) 4.200 ,- B: 183 x H: 125 mm
1/2 side (vertical) 4.200 ,- B: 89 x H: 261 mm
1/1 side 8.300 ,- B: 183 x H: 261 mm
1/1 side (til kant) 8.300 ,- B: 210 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm til beskæring
Side 2 9.300 ,- B: 210 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm til beskæring
3. omslagsside 9.300 ,- B: 210 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm til beskæring
Opslag 18.300 ,- B: 420 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm til beskæring
Bagsiden 10.500 ,- B: 210 x H: 275 mm + 3 mm til beskæring
Bagside af kalender 14.200 ,- B: 196 x H: 252 mm + 3 mm til beskæring

Colour charge
Colour included in all rates.

Other charges
Special placement + 10%

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Repeat discount
2 insertions        10% discount
3 insertions        15% discount
4 insertions        25% discount

5% discount with a minimum purchase of DKK 30.000.
All discounts require total orders, and ads inserted within 12 months.

For advertising and media agencies provided 3% material compensation for the delivery of finished material. In addition to that 2% information and collateral to media agencies that are reimbursable see Creativity & Communication list.

Release plan 2017

1 23. november '16 28. november '16 1. januar
2 20. februar 23. februar 31. marts
3 18. maj 23. maj 30. juni
4 22. august 25. august 29. september
5 22. november 27. november 1. januar '18

Facts about Diamanten

Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Postbox 2149,
1016 København K

+45 91 32 43 64

Lise Bach Hansen


Issues (Diamanten): 5.000

Issues (Kulturkalenderen): 16.000

Danske Mediers Oplagskontrol: July 1 ’14 – June 30 ’15

Publication:  4 times a year

Distribution: Diamanten is distributed to specifik cafe and hotel environments. For a large number of cafes and cultural institutions.


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Annoncemateriale til print skal leveres som trykklar PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

Materialet kan sendes til DG Media på epost@dgmedia.dk (maks. 20 MB) eller ftp-server.